We are all Stewards

"Tread Lightly on the Grass"

While we, Friends of Kennard Park, are the official stewards to the Kennard Conservation land, we would like to empower each individual to be a steward in open spaces.  

You can be a steward of Kennard Park by picking up debris and trash, cutting invasive vines, and practicing leave no trace ethics while exploring the land. For more information on leave no trace ethics, please click this link: https://lnt.org/learn/seven-principles-overview  

As an official steward, the responsibilities of Friends of Kennard Park include, but are not limited to (as needed): 

  • Walk ‘parcel’ at least a couple of times a year. 
  • Remind dog owners that dogs should be on-leash and that dog waste should be carried out.
  • Clip overhanging vines and twigs.
  • Move fallen branches from the trail.
  • Collect small bits of trash.
  • Report status of safety, habitat, and aesthetic to environmental planning center in Newton. 
  • Enjoy ‘parcel.’

This list of responsibilities was distributed to the congregation of Newton Stewards by Jennifer Steel, the Senior Environmental Planner for the city of Newton.

Stewards of Open Spaces in Newton, MA

There are many other parks in Newton that need protecting. Each park has a designated steward listed below with their contact information. Friends of Kennard Park encourages you to explore the beautiful open, protected, spaces in Newton.


Charles River Pwy: 

     Ellen Katz: ejkatz88@gmail.com

Dolan Pond: 

     Ted Kuklinski: 617-332-7753 tkuklinski@aol.com

Flowed Meadow:    

     George Martins: gfmartins@rcn.com 

Helen Heyn: 

     Duane Hillis: duanehillis@gmail.com

Kennard Park: 

     Carolyn Kraft: friendsofkennardpark@gmail.com

Oakdale Woods: 

     Mark Kazarosian: mark.kazarosian@bc.edu 

Sawmill Brook: 

     Francesco DiTullio: 617-529-5383 frankie1918@me.com

     Katherine Howard: 617-527-1796 howardkatherine@hotmail.com


     Jeff Goldman: 617-965-3835 jeffgoldman7@verizon.net  


     Ateev Mehrotra: ateevm@gmail.com

     Anna Mehrotra: anna.mehrotra@gmail.com    


     Bruce Wenning: 617-969-7614 bwenning@verizon.net

     Eric Olson: eolson@brandeis.edu